but when i need you baby, you’re never there

when i first saw you, it was like something subtle changed. like a light breeze changing direction. the pressure changing as a storm approaches. i didn’t even notice it at first. it wasn’t until later, as i thought about the day as i lay awake at night, that i saw it all clearly. i didn’t even know you existed, to be honest. isn’t that crazy? not really. i don’t know the existence of a lot of people. DORK. see, i know this is a delusional infatuation. that is the difference between me and many out there. we will never be together. i’m not even sure i wanna be together. it’s not really a romantic love anyway, it’s not sexual. it’s a sad, lonely love. it’s a stupid unexciting platonic love. i just really wish to be best friends. but that will never happen. ’cause you’re never fucking around you stupid bastard.

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